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Smart way to urban sketching.

Evgeny Bondarenko
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By following Evgeny's expert guidance and drawing on his 20 years of outdoor sketching experience, you'll gain clarity, purpose, and a deep understanding of the art form. Develop the skills and mindset necessary to consistently produce exceptional artworks that stand out on a global scale.

  1. How to find interesting places to sketch using direct and indirect search methods.
  2. The process of organizing sketching locations using Google Maps.
  3. The materials used by Evgeny Bondarenko for urban sketching.
  4. Tips and techniques for working on location.
  5. An advanced thinking method to enhance your creative process for creating urban sketches and illustrations.
  6. The step-by-step drawing process, covering preliminary pencil sketching, inking, and coloring techniques.
  7. Unique methods and approaches that will elevate your artistic results to a world-class level.
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Unique methods that will elevate your artistic process and help you consistently produce exceptional results.

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Smart way to urban sketching.

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